I caught the weather report this morning and the man on the television said the levels of juniper and mulberry were extremely high. This correlates to what I’m seeing in my office. So, I felt it was the appropriate time to talk about asthma, specifically allergy-induced asthma.

I see a lot of asthmatic patients in my office. Whether it’s because I get results with them or I’m sensitive to this condition more than most, being I’m asthmatic, I cannot say. It’s kind of the chicken/egg phenomenon and not really relevant to this discussion. Bottom line, chiropractic can help asthma and I have helped many asthmatics in my office over the years.

How can chiropractic help asthma? Glad you asked. The mechanism upon which that works is called the somatic-visceral reflex. There was a man named Meric who noticed a correlation with different levels of the spine correlating with different organs in the body. He theorized that if the communication of the nerves exiting out of the spine where not sending a crystal-clear message to the organs, the organ in question would function less than optimally. By improving the communication through chiropractic adjustments, the organ’s function would improve. His theory proved accurate and his system became known as the Meric system. A chart of the Meric system can be found posted on the back wall in my office.

How effective is this treatment? There are contributing factors to the answer to that question. How long has the condition been going on? Are there ongoing irritants restimulating the condition? I’ve noticed some conditions I have a high effectiveness in treating and others I’m less successful. With asthma, I’m on the higher effectiveness level in treating. I’ve adjusted many asthmatics in my office during a several days attack where the secondary muscles for breathing are fatigued and the bronchodilator are giving little relief. An immediate response resulting in easier breathing and diminishing of the wheeze is a common outcome.

So, if your breathing is labored by allergy-induced asthma, give my office a call. I’ll do my best to have you breathing easier, with less drug intervention. Nothing would make me happier. 🙂

Best of health,

Dr. Dave



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