Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health

We all have fears to face during our lives, but it is how we handle them that is important. Fear based emotion can be very destructive and there are times when we must face these fears and deal with them, in a positive way before they can affect our lives and health.



In this fast-paced world almost everyone has experienced anxiety over something. Even at an early age and with the sad problem of bullying in schools and on-line in this computer age, many children experience anxiety – something the older generation seldom had to contend with.


Some children are driven to please their parents, their teachers or even win the admiration of siblings or friends. In the end this anxiety can be very destructive and sets a pattern for the rest of their lives.


Busy parents often do not take the time to notice anxiety in their children, or if they do are coping with their own problems. Take the time to sit down with the whole family – without distraction of cell phones and just talk. Listen to each other and help each other allay fears. Once you realize you do not have to strive to meet the expectations of others, you can concentrate on meeting your own expectations and the goals you have set to please yourself, not the aspirations of others.



Anger and frustration can certainly arise from anxiety. Consider the number of people who take out their frustrations on those who have been constantly belittled until they can handle the fear no longer and lash out in a destructive manner, either to themselves or to those who have tormented them.


If you feel you cannot cope with life, anger is NOT the solution. You must learn to face the fears that come your way and deal with them one step at a time. Look at each situation carefully and divide it into segments if you can, dealing with one area of the problem at a time. If you are overwhelmed to the point where you are angry at everyone and everything – ask for help. Living in anger not only destroys relationships, whether at home, at work or at school, but can destroy your health as well.



A lack of self-esteem is one damaging emotion that can come from childhood. Parents who may display disappointment with a child during their formative years can instill a lack of self-esteem through someone’s lifetime. A person may feel insecure thinking “what ifs” – what if I lose my job, my relationships, my marriage? You may have financial problems worrying you. Stop worrying! Easier said than done? If you tell yourself this you will do nothing when the solution is to do something, anything and work at it, doing the best you can.


Eventually hard work will result in positive change and will increase your self-image. Doing nothing will result in nothing accomplished and no change.



This emotion is one of the worst as it stems from within you alone. It generally involves a relationship and the lack of control you may have over a situation or of others. Does your spouse appear to pay more attention to others, has more friends and gets along with others better than you do? If you feel a need to be in control of a situation, then the problem is yours. You cannot control the actions or feelings of another person or situation and to obsess over this only destroys yourself.


You may be jealous of other people’s lifestyle if yours is not satisfying to you. If so, then take a closer look at yourself – ask yourself why you are feeling this emotion. If you cannot see a way to help yourself, then perhaps you need to speak to someone who can help you before friendships and relationships are destroyed, as only you can create the solution.



At times this emotion can be related to jealousy. It may also come from your expectations of others around you that do not match up to your own. Communication is needed to explore the feelings you are having as it is possible the people who surround you may not be aware of what it is you are expecting from them. Resentment then builds up in you as you feel no one is paying attention to you.


Resentment is created by the person feeling this emotion and communication of your expectations is needed. It is also possible that you will never receive exactly what you expect from others and must be prepared to accept this.


Like jealousy, resentment is totally created by the person feeling it. Re-focus the energy this emotion takes away from you and use it in a productive way.[i]



Do you suffer from any of these 5 fear based emotions? These emotions can destroy your life and rob you of mental peace, contentment and a productive lifestyle. It may mean a drastic change in lifestyle and a necessary change in your attitude, but the end result will erase the negativity if you use all that energy to concentrate on positive change.


Remember, that all of these negative emotions prey on your health as well; nerves, muscles, organs and ultimately the spine with its connection to all parts of the body. See your chiropractor for advice and adjustment to rid your body of subluxations, while you rid your mind of negativity and face your fears.

[i] Ford, Chris – ABC Article Directory – Excerpts taken from: 5 Fear Based Emotions That Destroy People – Posted February 20, 2015


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