Source: Wikimedia Commons and istolethetv


Biloine W. Young • Thu, December 22nd, 2016


Beware of Dormant Butt Syndrome warns Chris Kolba, Ph.D., PT, CSCS, a physical therapist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

He says to the millions of Americans who suffer from hip, knee or back pain that their butt may be to blame. “The rear end should act as support for the entire body and as a shock absorber for stress during exercise, but if it’s too weak, other parts of the body take up the slack and it often causes injury.”

Kolba has come up with the term “Dormant Butt Syndrome.”

He relates it to injuries ranging from tight hip flexors to chronic pain in the lower back. He even sees a connection to injuries to the meniscus, which often result in knee surgery. But, he warns, Dormant Butt Syndrome it’s not just caused by those who exercise improperly.

“It’s actually caused quite often by inactivity and the way we sleep,” said Kolba. “Sitting for extended periods throughout the day weakens the glute muscles and puts strain on other parts of our core, as does sleeping in the fetal position.”

Kolba says stretching, making a point to stand and walk as often as possible throughout the day, and adding exercises to strengthen glute muscles can help one avoid pain and injury in other parts of the middle and lower body.


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