Cancer and Chiropractic

Why is there so much cancer today? Why, in spite of a very expensive war on cancer, billions of dollars spent on drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery has the survival rate of cancer today changed little in 50 years?


First realize the term “five-year survival” can be deceptive. Years ago before MRI and CTs scans, by the time most tumors reached a size large enough to be detected it had been growing for many years.


If the tumor was treated and a person lived five years after the tumor was discovered, they were cured.


Later MRIs, CT scans and more sophisticated imaging devices permitted doctors to see tumors that were much smaller. Since it may have been discovered years earlier than it had been in the past the person now lived with the cancer diagnosis for years longer. However, that didn’t mean the person lived longer with cancer, only that it was discovered earlier.


That is one reason why some have said that more people are cured of cancer than ever before. It’s really not. The death rate doesn’t lie – you can’t put a spin on that number. Sadly, in spite of early detection and screening the death rate is unchanged. People often die from cancers they have been regularly screened for. As H. Gilbert Welsh, MD in Less Medicine, More Health has



Screening doesn’t avoid most cancer deaths. People who are regularly screened can still die from the cancer being screened for. Every randomized trial of screening has shown this.[i]


In fact, the problem with screening can be false positives that diagnose cancer where there is no cancer, causing tremendous emotional, physical and financial pain and suffering.


There is substantial over diagnosis, accounting for nearly a third of all newly diagnosed breast cancers. Screening is having, at best, only a small effect on the rate of death from breast cancer.[ii]


Why is There So Much Cancer?


There is more cancer today than ever before. There is more degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, ALS (Lou Gehrig disease), Parkinson’s disease, autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease – and more than ever before in human history and the numbers are growing. Why?


The cause of most, if not all, of the modern chronic diseases of civilization is not difficult to understand. Chronic illness is usually caused by too much and too little: too much toxicity and too little detox.


Toxicity and Cancer


Cancers have been historically known to be caused from man-made toxins. As Devra Davis writes in her masterwork, “The Secret History of the War on Cancer”, for many years it was known that living close to a toxic area (i.e. a chemical factory) affected their chances of getting cancer:


In the 1930s researchers in Germany, Japan, Italy, Scotland, Austria, England, Argentina, US and France showed that where people lived affected getting cancer.[iii]


We have more cancer today because we have more toxins today. Cancer was very rare in ancient times because toxicity was so much lower:


Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet.[iv]


The Answer to Cancer and Chronic Illness


Toxicity causes many things – inflammation, body malfunction, immune system weakening, thickening of the blood, clogged lymphatics as well as other damaging effects. All of this causes your body to malfunction.


The Importance of the Immune System


Cancer is not a death sentence. There are many recorded cases of cancer going into remission – where the tumors begin to shrink and eventually are reabsorbed by the body.


A number of successful cancer cures have been developed by medical doctors, naturopaths, dentists and other researchers. Most of the successful cancer treatments such as the Issels method, Gerson protocol, Kelly treatment, Hoxsey therapy, Essiac tea to name a few, have something in common – they address the “too much and too little” – they address the problem of too much toxicity by using methods of detoxification and they address the problem of too little by removing interferences to proper body function, eating organic, natural, cleansing foods and nutrient dense foods to nourish and rejuvenate the body and enhance the immune system that plays a major role in detoxification.


Chiropractic Care


How does chiropractic care fit into the above? Chiropractors promote proper body function by removing subluxations – distortions in the spine and body structure that put stress on your nervous system and cause interference with proper body function.


By employing the science and art of the adjustment, the chiropractor corrects subluxations which permits the body to function closer to its optimum – to have more energy to perform detoxification. In addition, the immune system and the nervous system work together to locate and eliminate growth of cancerous cells.


Every person who has cancer needs to make sure their body is functioning properly by keeping it free from subluxations. Being free of subluxations also helps promote a cancer-free body. The expertise of the Doctor of Chiropractic is the location and correction of subluxations.

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