Mental and Emotional Health



The definition of emotional/mental health is similar to that of physical health: an emotionally healthy person is connected. Your personality is integrated (connected). The more integrated you are, the deeper your relationships or emotional connections; the happier you are, the longer and healthier you will live. You have growing intuition, sensitivity and compassion; you are more connected to others and the world around you.


The more connected you are to yourself the more you can connect with others sharing more love, intimacy, openness and honesty. Emotionally grounded, relaxed and flexible you reflect more of your natural state as you radiate happiness, joy, hope, optimism and compassion.


The happier you are the healthier and longer you will live. Sensitivity, inspiration, empathy, compassion and intuition increase. You experience more synchronicity or meaningful coincidences, reflecting your connection to your purpose in life.


A lack of emotional health means there is a disconnection. Painful past traumas and fears are locked up in your body/mind trapping energy, creating chronic physical tension and emotional stress.


Chiropractic care can help you unlock chronic physical tension, which is part of the healing needed to open the physical connections throughout the body. Finding the cause of your emotional stress can alleviate the physical stress. Chiropractic adjustments can release old stress, sometimes reliving an old accident or trauma. Some people often experience unusual dreams after an adjustment related to their stress or trauma.


Disconnection vs. Connection:


You are unable to fully relate to others if you are disconnected from yourself. Your intuition may be clouded; your purpose in life may be confused. Your external relationships are reflections of the one you have with yourself.


Bernie Siegel, MD, the famous cancer surgeon and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles has observed:


“People, relationships are what nourishes and keeps everyone alive…connections, which may be keeping a plant growing, a goldfish, a child or a spouse. That’s why women live longer than men and married men with cancer live longer than single men with the same cancers. If you have connections, you keep going”[i]


There are so many ways we can be disconnected from physical, mental and spiritual wholeness. Among these reasons are unnatural childbirth, trauma, lack of bonding, poor nutrition, lack of love, comfort and security. Lack of stimulation will interfere with our optimal physical, emotional, spiritual development and growth. Our genes will partially sleep, our life will be clouded, our heart will be contracted and our vision will be limited.


To the degree that our connection is interfered with we are less alive. We have dis-ease, we are out of synch, out of joint to our Source and cannot adapt to life’s stresses. A complete disconnection is death; a partial disconnection is dis-ease or disharmony.


Sleep with your child:


Sleeping with your child is a wonderful way to begin their journey of connection – it fosters physical and emotional health. As Peggy O’Mara, founder of Mothering magazine writes…


“All animal babies sleep with their mothers…it is perfectly natural for human infants to want to sleep with their parents. Infants don’t only like to be held during the day; they like to be close at night, too”[ii]


The idea that infants are made dependent by sleeping with their parents is silly. Infants are dependent. It is only when their dependency needs are met that they can grow into more secure, independent children and adults.


What is our Source?


Where does this vitality, joy and healing come from? Is it “the wisdom of the body” or “the result of billions of years of evolution?” Those expressions are limited because living creatures are more than physical collections of cells – living creatures possess consciousness. Life is a state of mind as well as body. As wonderfully and fearfully created our body is, we are also self-aware beings. This cannot be reconciled by pure mechanists or materialists for how can happiness, joy, love and consciousness arise from non-conscious matter?


Having a warm and affectionate family life when growing up has been significantly associated with adult social accomplishment: a long, happy marriage, children, relationships with close friends, work accomplishments and psychological well-being throughout midlife.[iii]


The opposite is also true. If you had a traumatic childhood or a dysfunctional family you can re-create your past as you create and heal your present relationships. It takes work, sometimes very difficult work, but the rewards are a longer, happier and healthier life. It’s worth the work.


Chiropractic adjustments can help precipitate deeper physical, emotional and spiritual connections.

[i] Interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D. New Visions. December 2001.

[ii] O’Mara P. Mothering. January/February 1997.

[iii] Franz CE, McClelland DC & Weinberger J. Childhood antecedents of conventional social accomplishment in midlife adults: a 36-year prospective study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 1991; 60(4):586-595.


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