Chiropractic – A Few of its Many Benefits



When spring approaches a young man’s fancy turns to… As Lawrence P. “Yogi” Berra of American Baseball fame said: “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”


Except for the math, Yogi was right and that’s why baseball and chiropractic go together so well.


Nearly a hundred years ago the New York Yankees became the first major league team to travel with a chiropractor. Richard van Rumpt, DC was chiropractor to Babe Ruth and the other Yankee greats, as well as many other famous people.


Chiropractic and Sports:


It’s not just a matter of keeping baseball players free from injuries or getting them back in the game faster; chiropractic prevents injuries by keeping people balanced, with a natural range-of-motion, better focus and better brain-body communication. That is where the 90% mental comes from. Every muscle in your body needs proper communication with your brain, through your nerves.


Chiropractic also helps your brain function better when stress is released on your spinal column. That’s why athletes say that chiropractic can give them the “winning edge.”


Chiropractic care for little (and not so little) league teams that you may be associated with is something you may wish to discuss with your chiropractor. Chiropractors work with teams, but we also work with individual professional and amateur tennis, golf, football, gymnastics, track and field and other athletes as well.


Chiropractic is Good for Your Blood:


A study reveals that people, under chiropractic care for as few as eight weeks, have higher levels of blood chemicals that are associated with DNA repair and overall wellness.


These blood chemicals, serum thiols, are used to measure a person’s general health because they reveal how much DNA repair enzymes you have.


In this study, serum thiol levels were measured in 46 patients who were suffering from active diseases. They were compared to 21 people under chiropractic care for 8-52 weeks and with 25 people who had been under chiropractic care for 52-312 weeks.


The patients were age matched to be 40 years of age or older. Those with active disease had the lowest level of serum thiol while those under chiropractic wellness care for 8-52 weeks had higher levels. Those in the 52-312 weeks of chiropractic care category had the highest levels.


The authors write, “The results clearly support the recommendations being made for wellness care by chiropractors… there is no doubt that chiropractic care was the dominant factor in being able to realize thiol values.”[i]


Periodic chiropractic care is recommended for you and your family’s good health and to keep your DNA repair enzymes at a high level and your ability to function.


Exhaustion, Fatigue and Chiropractic:


Why do people often feel an improvement in their energy with chiropractic care?


There are many reasons. One has to do with balance: as your hips, head and overall body structure become more balanced, you become more efficient and don’t have to expend extra energy on misaligned body parts.


Imagine walking around with your head slightly off center. You would have loads of stress on your neck, shoulders, hips, legs and feet that would weaken your joints, create arthritis, wear down your discs and lower your energy.


Unless you are balanced, you cannot function with ease and grace. Every step drains energy and the evening finds you falling asleep with a book or in front of the TV in some cases.


In addition to fatigue, signs of structural imbalance include feelings of tightness, joints that are “noisy,” an inability to move or turn in either direction or as easily as you once could as well as premature aging. Make sure you are balanced – come in for a chiropractic checkup.

[i] Campbell CJ, Kent C, Banne A, Amir Ai, Pero RW. Surrogate indication of DNA repair in serum after long term chiropractic intervention – a retrospective study. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. February 18, 2005;1-5.


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