Detecting spinal problems at an early age can help prevent many of the problems seen in adults.


Especially since damage can start at birth. That being the case by the time some adults consult a doctor of chiropractic, years of spinal damage has occurred. This makes it difficult to get the instant results most clients want.


Many adult spinal problems started with traumatic births and were neglected until the awareness of obvious symptoms.


Even so-called “normal” births can cause unseen damage to the structure and function of a newborn’s young spine. Muscles that support the spine adapt, and become used to supporting the spine incorrectly. Then, after years of neglect, if something happens that exceeds your body’s ability to adapt, obvious symptoms can develop. So, while your health complaint may seem new, the underlying problem may have existed for years.


Those with active lifestyles often benefit from some type of on-going wellness chiropractic care.


Reducing nervous system dysfunction by restoring normal motion or position of individual spinal bones, is one of your doctor’s major goals. Children usually respond quickly. Yet, long-standing spinal problems in adults can be difficult to fully correct and may require months or even years of regular chiropractic care.


Repeated chiropractic adjustments begin the slow process of retraining the supporting muscles of your spine.


Underlying muscle and soft tissue damage may require continued care long after symptoms disappear. Missing appointments or discontinuing care prematurely can invite a relapse. That’s why many clients elect to continue with regular chiropractic checkups to maintain their progress. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.


Optimum results start with a thorough chiropractic examination.


The sooner chiropractic care begins, the sooner spinal malfunction can be detected, reduced, and future problems avoided.


Get started today!


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