The Ultimate Compliment:


The best way to thank your doctor is to tell others.  When you tell a friend about chiropractic, you offer encouragement. When you tell a work associate about chiropractic, you offer direction. When you tell a loved on about chiropractic, you offer hope.


Since most people are reluctant to try something new like chiropractic. Your encouragement could be the first step toward their recovery.


Encouragement. Direction. Hope. Each is part of the healing process. So when you tell others about the positive experience you’ve had with us here at West Mesa Wellness, you’re using some of the same methods the best doctors use.

If the doctor cannot help you or your friend, a referral to another specialist will be made.


Here at West Mesa Wellness, we depend upon informed clients to share the chiropractic message with others. We’re counting on you to dispel the myths and overcome the incorrect notions many of your friends have about chiropractic. If we can help, we will tell them. If we cannot, we will refer them to other specialists, if their problem is outside the scope of our practice.


Together, we make a great team!


One thought on “Referrals”

  1. I agree. Referrals are so vital to the success of a chiropractic business. If you want to learn more about maintaining and growing an internal referral network then check out my blog.
    Have a nice day.


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