The importance of a good foundation


With 26 different bones, 22 muscles and over 100 ligaments, your feet are engineering miracles. They are also the basis for your entire muscular-skeletal system. Even little problems in the feet can affect your knees, hips, spine, and even your neck!


If you’ve consulted your chiropractic doctor with a spine-related problem, you may be surprised by the interest given your feet. Problems here can cause a “chain reaction” of symptoms, including uneven shoe wear, fallen arches, irregular gait, back pain, and even headaches!


First, a thorough examination is conducted. If needed, foot supports may be recommended to make up for an anatomically short leg, feet that turn in or out, postural deviations, or other structural problems.


Then, molds of your feet are created standing in a weight bearing position. These are used to make custom-fitting corrective orthotics that slip into your shoes. Their unique size and shape are designed for you and your specific problem.


Like new eyeglasses, you’ll quickly get used to having these inserts in your shoes. Soon you should notice some wonderful health benefits too. However, unlike glasses, only you and your chiropractor will know you’re wearing them.


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