Many of today’s foods are missing essential nutrients.


Along with clean air, pure water, and properly functioning nervous system, good nutrition is essential for optimum health. Yet, our generation may be the worst fed in history. Most of us eat too much protein, too many fats, too much sugar, and too many foods robbed of their healthful vitamins and minerals.


Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you!


Not only do our diets lead to many lifestyle induced diseases, our poor diets slow the healing process and place unnatural demands on our bodies.


Your body has the amazing ability to turn the foods you eat into the energy it needs to power muscles, regulate organs, fuel the brain, and heal itself. Like a car’s engine that “pings” with a low octane fuel, your body can show signs of poor fuel too. Your hair, skin, energy level, and the state of your overall health can reveal signs of poor nutrition.


More and more people are rediscovering the simple pleasure of natural foods.


Today, with so many prepackaged convenience foods with high levels of salt, sugar, fats, and preservatives, you must be careful. It’s easy to get used to the taste of these processed foods. This can make it hard to switch to the simple flavors of natural foods that are better for you.


Unfortunately the main ingredient in most breakfast cereals we feed our children is sugar!


If you’re committed to improving your nutrition, remember that like any new habit, it takes time. At first, these simple foods with their fiber, trace minerals, and vitamins intact can seem less exciting than processed foods. Give it time. Soon you will prefer the taste, texture, and good health that proper nutrition can offer.


One thought on “Nutrition”

  1. Yeah, many cereals aren’t very good for you and aren’t a whole real food. I feel like eating clean, as well as incorporating superfoods, is so necessary to a healthy diet and therefore good immune system.


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