Spice Up Your Life



As Monty Python would say: “And now for something completely different”. Perhaps this is what one needs to take away the feelings of being in a rut or wanting to do something different to change your day to day routine or to give you the satisfaction of just doing something different.


Drastic Change?


Sometimes just getting away from it all is what is needed, but why not make a drastic change and take a sabbatical from your present life by moving to a different location or even a different country to find a new outlook on life. If you are lucky enough to be in a good financial situation, then even a menial job, enough to get by on could be just what you need for a few months of your life. Time to seek out new interests, visit the city you are living in, meet new people. If possible use some of the time to volunteer.




Volunteering is another good way to change your outlook, especially if you cannot afford to move away from your present situation. There are half-way houses, animal shelters, hospitals and many other places where volunteers are always needed. If you have the time, patience and the room to foster animals from your local shelter you could give a safe and secure home to abused and abandoned animals until they are adopted. If you have special skills then look for organizations that can use those skills. Habitat for Humanity, for instance, would be one such situation that could take you across the world or around the corner, while giving you the opportunity to help others in need, as well as the satisfaction of accomplishing something worthwhile.




What about taking up a hobby that you have never even considered before? Have you tried ballroom dancing? Even if your present partner is not interested, there are usually those looking for partners in a ballroom dance group. How about getting serious about photography, pottery, sewing, painting, marathon running or working on your family tree backtracking into time to find your roots. When you do find your roots perhaps you can plan a trip to the family country or city of origin to learn even more and eventually write a family history to be passed down through generations. If you already have a hobby, why not take it further by learning more about what you like to do. For instance, if you like cooking enroll in a culinary course.


Share Your Talents:


Do you have leadership or teaching qualities? You could delve into the world of Scouts, Beavers, Girl Guides or Brownies. Pass your knowledge of music along to children by teaching them to play an instrument or sing. Does your school system look for assistance to help children with learning difficulties, especially reading?


You could always go back to school to learn a new talent, or another language, archeology, astronomy, carpentry or if you love animals take a course in dog grooming, furthering your education to the point where it might take you into a whole new career.


Change Your Perspective


If your present occupation is sitting at a computer most of the time or in an indoor environment then take up an activity that will get you outside and moving whether it is cycling, canoeing or kayaking, running, golf, fishing, tennis, swimming – the list is endless and depending upon your physical abilities there are many choices that could match up to your capabilities. If your present occupation is outdoors and very active then you might want to try the volunteering route at a food bank, or reading to patients in a hospital, or visiting shut-ins – the possibilities for you can be found.



Whatever you choose to try, to make it work for you, the idea is to choose some activity that is totally different from anything else you have tried or done in the past.. If you find it truly does not work for you, then try something else – completely different. As the saying goes – A change is as good as a rest.


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