Your Body’s Lifeline

We all know that life impulses originate in the brain. The spinal cord conveys all the essential nerve energy from your brain into every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. In other words, without the spinal cord, your body is devoid of life.


How vital are the spinal cord and its peripheral nerves to your health and well-being?


Just ask anyone who has suffered a severe spinal cord injury. They can attest to the fact that power is carried through the cord and into the body, and without that power the body begins to shut down. Turn off the cord at the neck, and you lose control to everything below it. Shut it off at the lumbar spine, and the lower extremities become unresponsive.


Think of the spine as the main trunk line carrying electrical nerve signals from your body’s power station, the brain. The spinal nerves are like wires coming off the main line to feed all the parts of your body. If there is a crimp or other interference in any of these wires, either at the trunk of one of its branches, the electrical impulses are diminished and the body begins to malfunction.


A severe injury to the spinal cord has immediate and sobering consequences, but what about when damage to the cord or its nerve takes place slowly over time?


When spinal bones become subluxated (misaligned), they most commonly do so over time. The cumulative effect of daily physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can cause instability to the spinal column resulting in chronic spinal subluxations. This irritation to the spinal nerves causes the body to function abnormally.


While this might not necessarily result in a complete loss of power into the body, it does set you up for a slow, relentless reduction of nerve energy. This is often the underlying cause of those painful symptoms that seemingly manifest out of nowhere with no obvious cause.


If a sever spinal cord injury shuts the lights off immediately, a subluxation has them on a slow dimmer. In either case you are eventually left in the dark.


While a cure is still being sought for spinal cord injuries, we fortunately have an effective correction for subluxation in the chiropractic adjustment.


Those who suffer spinal cord injuries don’t get the luxury of a do-over. But those living with subluxations have the opportunity to improve their quality of life. If you or someone you know has not yet been checked for subluxations, be sure to take action as soon as possible. Your quality of life depends upon it.


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