Why should I Need to See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is the largest non-medical healing art in the world. Its name is derived from two Greek words, chiro (hand) and praktos (to do), meaning “done by hand”, without drugs or surgery. This natural healing profession attracts millions of people each year; housewives and movie stars, scientists and business people; lawyers and laborers; infants and the elderly; professional athletes, and “weekend warriors”; they all come seeking the unique services that ONLY a doctor of Chiropractic can provide.


Many People Don’t Know


Many people have never been to a Chiropractor nor have any idea what Chiropractors do, who should go to one and how Chiropractors help people. In fact, to some people, Chiropractic is something strange or mysterious. These attitudes contribute to one of the greatest health tragedies of our time: millions who are sick, suffering, and dying, who are living on pain killers and other drugs, perhaps facing surgery, who are fatigued and ill and yet have never considered trying Chiropractic care. In so many instances help is literally around the corner.


Why Won’t They Go?


What is stopping people from giving the Chiropractor a chance where other doctors have not been able to help? What usually holds them back is lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown. To break through those barriers takes the courage to make an appointment and learn about Chiropractic care.


The First Chiropractor


In 1895 there was only one Chiropractor in all the world and he had only one patient, but Dr. D. D. Palmer of Davenport, Iowa had something wonderful: a new idea! An idea of how to get sick people well, keep them from getting sick and relieve humanity from sickness and suffering without pills, potions, lotions, prescriptions and surgery. People began to travel from far away to be cared for, and in many cases, stayed to study his promising new healing art. In spite of Chiropractic’s newness it began to take hold and grow throughout the world. Dr. Palmer’s discovery has been a blessing to millions!


Who Should Go to a Chiropractor?


Anyone! Depending upon your suffering, whether it be migraine headaches, a child who is bed-wetting, a woman with menstrual cramps or someone with chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. If you only find relief from taking drugs or find no relief at all then you need to see a Chiropractor. In fact, there are stories of people recovering from nearly every known disease and condition under Chiropractic care; heart trouble, hyperactivity, fatigue, allergies, digestive problems, migraines, colds or flu.

And yet, surprisingly, Chiropractors do not treat these diseases. The goal of Chiropractic care is to turn on your inner doctor, your own natural healing ability by correcting spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxations), one of the deadliest, most destructive blockages of life and energy that we can suffer from. This promotes natural healing, vitality, strength and health so that spinal nerve stress is corrected.


Spinal Nerve Stress


If the spinal column is unbalanced, the nerve system that it protects is placed under stress, is damaged and is not able to function at 100% capacity. That causes dis-ease or overall body disharmony or malfunction. It interferes with and damages our nerves, ligaments, discs, and joints; it weakens our muscles, it also decreases and alters the energies to all parts of our bodies.


Chiropractors fight dis-ease by analyzing the spinal column and structural system for areas of spinal nerve stress or vertebral subluxations. They then rebalance and realign the body. The re-alignment procedures are called chiropractic adjustments, which are painless and take a short time to accomplish.


The Chiropractic Message


We are spending billions of dollars fighting disease and precious little on discovering ways to regain and maintain health. Chiropractors do not fight disease, they help turn on your inner doctor.


This is Chiropractic’s message to humanity:

“Our Body is the best doctor and if we remove the interferences to our natural function we will feel better, heal better and live longer. The human body has an inborn or innate natural healing ability that needs to be reawakened and unleashed. Periodic chiropractic examinations and adjustments correct spinal nerve stress and unblock your hidden healing ability. Even if you are ‘feeling good’ this is not the same as being healthy. Remember that spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxations) are painless ‘silent killers’.”


You and your family, from infants to the elderly, should have your spines checked periodically to make sure you are living free from hidden spinal nerve stress and functioning at your fullest.


Please refer others to us so they can benefit from natural Chiropractic care – they will thank you for it!


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