We’ve probably all heard it as a child. “If you keep making that silly face it’s going to stick that way!”

While Mom might have been stretching the truth a bit, research shows that repeatedly placing your spine in “silly” or compromising positions can have an adverse effect on the structure of your spine, and therefore the function of your nervous system.

In other words, POSTURE DOES MATTER!

Proper posture not only keeps your spine in its strongest position, but also helps to keep vital nerve passages throughout the spinal column from being choked off.

Spinal subluxations are commonly caused by routine daily living, let alone car accidents, work mishaps, and sporting injuries. Therefore, in order for your adjustments to have their most powerful impact on your health, it is essential that proper spinal posture be maintained as often as possible.

Many people associate back injuries with lifting, but the spine can sustain surprisingly heavy loads providing that proper technique and posture are employed. Of greater concern is the twisting or kinking of the spinal bones that can occur due to posture that is less than ideal.

Occasionally sitting improperly or sleeping in an awkward position is not the issue. Rather, it is the chronic, habitual practice of putting your body in positions of stress that is cause for concern, particularly for 2 reasons.

First, remember that in order for your body to convey maximum life from the brain outward, the nervous system needs a clear pathway from top to bottom. When bones shift out of alignment due to bad posture nerve messages can be easily impeded. Therefore, by keeping the spinal column in as close to its natural shape as possible, you are optimizing your expression of health and life.

Secondly, the spinal column is at its strongest when its natural curves are maintained; discs are protected, spinal joints are stable, and nerve channels are clear. Whether lifting, sitting, standing, or sleeping, attention needs to be paid to the structure of the spine. Failure to do so often results in needless injury.

So to support your adjustments and maintain your healthiest life, be sure to pay close attention to your posture. In general, your want to be sure to support the spine’s natural forward neck and lumbar curves while maintaining midline balance. Be sure to ask us for specific recommendations about what constitutes proper posture. (Or you could just check with Mom!)


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