Like a Blown Circuit


A great analogy for the vertebral subluxation is a blown circuit in your breaker box at home.


When you look at the panel in your garage or basement, you’ll notice that different circuits supply power to different parts of the house. The top switch might be labeled “upstairs lights/hallway”. Maybe the next one down is tagged “master bedroom”. And the list continues down the line.


If you think of your spine as the circuit panel in your house, then the top bones, or switches, would be labeled “eyes, ears, sinuses, throat…” Working our way down, we would see “shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest.” Then “heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines…” and “hips, legs, ankles, feet”. Life is sustained by the nerve signals that originate in the brain and are distributed out into the body through specific channels or circuits.


The vertebra in the spinal column act as switches, and when they become subluxated they dampen down the electrical nerve signals that carry life from your brain to every cell, tissue, and organ within the body.


So let’s say you’re sitting at home watching your favorite documentary, The History of Chiropractic, when the power to the TV suddenly cuts out. You check the breaker, notice that it has been tripped, and you flip it back into position. Power on.


But what you didn’t notice during this whole process was everything else that lost power in addition to the TV. You see, the TV wasn’t the only thing running on that circuit. When the power to the television set cut out, so did the power to the living room lights and outlets, the laundry room, and the front porch lights.


That low back pain you’ve been dealing with is so much more than it seems. The same interrupted circuit that is causing your symptoms is also dimming the power into your legs, diminishing the efficiency of your digestive system, influencing your bowel and bladder function, and adversely affecting your sex life.


For your body to work in harmony and to express its absolute maximum potential, all of the spine’s circuits need to be free of interference and working at full capacity.


How do you know if all of your circuits are working up to their full potential? The only way to tell for sure is to have your spine checked for subluxations. It’s one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health and well-being.


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