8 Ways to Wellness – Part 2


This newsletter continues from Part 1 of 8 Ways to Wellness through Chiropractic.


Chiropractic can be your first step toward improving all the facets of your life. Chiropractic care connects people to their healing potential. Chiropractic can help open you to detoxification, relaxation, emotional healing and a deeper connection to oneself and others.


Chiropractic care helps people become more physically balanced. This often increases their energy and permits them to move – both physically and emotionally. Others use chiropractic as a way to maximize sports performance, improve overall health and enhance balance, strength and fitness.


5. Stay physically active.


Your body was made for action. You played hard when you were a child – don’t stop. Good exercise makes your heart, lungs and other internal organs healthy and lengthens your life. The best exercise is intensive exercise as it gets your heart pumping and lungs working. As little as ten minutes of intensive exercise, including rest breaks, per day is much more effective for weight loss, strength as well as lung and heart (cardiovascular) health than an hour of jogging. In fact the latest research reveals that jogging damages your joints and weakens your heart and lung reserve capacity. You don’t have to be in overdrive mode all the time. A nice walk with a friend can also do wonders for your physical and mental health.


6. Get enough rest.


Sleep is a necessary ingredient to health. A great way to destroy your physical and mental health is to run yourself into the ground. You will be six feet under before your time. “Insufficient sleep has been implicated in everything from cardiovascular disease to obesity to impaired immune response. It can also create stress, disrupt relationships and make a person more accident prone.” *


7. Exercise your spirit.


The mental and emotional benefits of chiropractic have been noticed since chiropractic’s inception. Your mind, heart and spirit need to be exercised just like your body. Keep the excitement of life’s potential alive. Meditate, pray, sit in the company of wise men and women, explore life’s mysteries and question blind devotion to authority and dogma. Open your heart to life’s possibilities. No one wakes up one morning suddenly old, with the sparkle gone from their eyes. It takes time for you to get old and it takes effort to remain full of youthful excitement. If you are not growing and connecting to your purpose, exploring your potential and enjoying life, you are courting danger. Discover the excitement of being alive. Take little steps at first and larger ones will follow.


8. Enjoy nourishing relationships.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of life and of health. The science of psychoneuroimmunology confirms what common sense tells us: people in healthy relationships are better off. Those in committed relationships live longer and are healthier. People who feel disconnected from others are sicker and die younger. The more connected you are the happier you are. Nourish deeper connections to family, friends and co-workers; explore social organizations, clubs and religious meetings. Anger, fear, loneliness and disconnection weaken your immune system while emotions of gratitude and love are the most healing.




Subluxations are epidemic in our society; most people have subluxations and don’t know it. For that reasons everyone needs periodic chiropractic checkups. Correcting subluxations can improve mental function and relieve depression. Those under chiropractic care can at times experience retracing – where old physical and/or emotional traumas come to the surface to be released.


Start – or jump start – your healing journey with chiropractic to begin a healthier all-around lifestyle. Let your chiropractor be your healthy lifestyle coach.



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